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Helical Solutions, LLC manufactures high performance custom and standard end mills. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of manufacturing with emphasis on quality, service and innovation. We design and manufacture all of our carbide cutting tools with the end user in mind, creating application-specific tooling to suit your needs. At Helical, we strive for quality in everything we do, beginning with the highest quality carbide available. Our end mills are inspected using the latest in optical and laser touch-free inspection equipment. We believe in 100% repeatability in performance, ensuring that our customers always receive the best tool for their job. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our consideration toward value and service, has helped us create a high performance product that is also affordable. We are confident that our tools will exceed your expectations and improve your productivity. At Helical, your bottom line is our top priority.

Latest News

  • Helical and Autodesk Collaborate

    National Sales Manager, Scott Tiehen and Application Engineer, Johnny Cassidy recently had the opportunity to run Helical’s most popular tools with Autodesk's new Inventor HSM Express software. They visited Autodesk's impressive Pier 9 R&D facility in San Francisco and ran many tools through rigorous testing. The results were unbelievable and Autodesk’s adaptive clearing tool path was remarkable. 

    This triumphant collaboration has opened up a new window of opportunity for Helical and Autodesk, together bringing high efficiency milling to the next level!

    Check out the video of Adaptive Clearing Titanium!

    Material:  Ti-6-4 (Titanium 6Al-4V) ≈ 36 HRC‡
    Endmill:  Helical EDP 34307 (HEV-L-50500-R.030)
    Cut Diameter:  1/2”
    Flutes:  5
    Stickout:  2.25” (approximate)
    ADOC:  2.000” (4 × Dia)
    RDOC:  .035” (7% stepover)
    RPM:  4500 (589 SFM)
    IPM:  48 (.0021 IPT)
    MRR:  3.36 in3/min

  • Our Product Support Department Has Expanded!

    We are very excited to announce the expansion of our in-house Product Support department!

    Helical Product Support is available to answer all your technical questions. For assistance with product selection, speeds & feeds or application assistance, we are just a phone call away.

    As we continue to innovate and expand our products lines, we hope this service will be of great value to our customers.

    Call Helical Product Support today toll free at 844-887-7634! Or reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

  • Announcing the New HEV-7 Series

    Helical Solutions, LLC, manufacturers of high performance carbide cutting tools, are excited to announce HEV-7 variable pitch high performance solid carbide end mill.

    The HEV-7 is built with our X47 carbide substrate, has a 7-flute variable pitch and includes our new Aplus tool coating. The non-center cutting design accommodates ramping operations and the improved core design brings greater strength.

    The HEV-7 is designed for use in steels, stainless steels, hi-temp alloys and titanium and is favoured in high efficiency tool paths.



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